Reports and Parents' Evenings

Reporting timeline

Please refer to the reporting sequence for each individual year group which is available for download on the right hand side of this page.  The timeline provides details of when you will receive reports concerning your child's progress.

Guidelines are also available for the way we measure/track progress as well as an explanation of the 4 point grading system we use for the completion of homework and each student's attitude to learning (ATL).

Parents' Evenings

All details regarding the dates for each parents' consultation evening can be found on the full calendar as well as in the reporting sequence.

For this year we have opted to use an online booking system for parents to make appointments.  This should allow you to choose the teachers you wish to meet with and the times you wish to meet with them.  A letter will be sent home before each parents' evening to allow access to the website.  The letter will indicate the website to be used, for your convenience a hyperlink is included below;

In order to access the website to make appointments for each evening you will be required to enter your details, including the email address you have provided to the school and your child's date of birth.  Unless otherwise stated, all parents' evenings will be held in the English classrooms and Sixth Form Study area.  The rooms that are included in the booking system are teaching rooms which we do not use because of the size and layout of the school.  If you have difficulties logging into the website or you do not have internet access contact should be made with our receptionists (01494 862869) and arrangements will be made to assist you.