Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award Practical Assessment

Over three weekends in September and October, 39 members of Year 10 successfully passed the practical section of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Expedition.  They had to “walk” for up to six hours a day for two days and camp for one night on each of the weekends, which were held around Wendover Woods, Ashridge Park and Woburn Park.   Fortunately the weather seemed to hold up pretty well throughout (with the exception of the last night) and it certainly could have been colder.  The students worked in groups of up to seven, carrying all of the food and camping equipment they required with them.   They had to undertake their own navigation as well as gathering resources for a presentation they must do in order to finally pass this section (one of four) of their award. 

Whilst there may have been moments of personal doubt during the two practice weekends, it was great to see our groups absolutely “smashing it” on the final day, much to the delight of the staff and instructors and of course the students themselves.   Well done all.   Special mention should be made of Danica Shah, Jennifer May, Stephanie Demetriou and Rosie Sudborough, who have virtually completed their whole award – for the rest NOW is the time now to finish off those other sections.

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