Friends of The Christmas Raffle 2017

Friends of The Misbourne has organised a Christmas Raffle and we would appreciate your support in selling raffle tickets.   All the money raised will go towards the enhancing the education of students at The Misbourne.   

Details of the prizes will follow shortly.

How it will work

Students will be bringing a book of ten tickets home to sell from today onwards – please keep a look out for them in their school bags.   We would be grateful if you could sell tickets to family, friends and neighbours.

Each student will be issued with an unsealed, labelled (with their name and form) envelope containing one book of raffle tickets (10 tickets at £1 each) to buy or sell.

Students are asked to sell as many tickets as possible and return the stubs from sold tickets, plus the money paid for them as well as any unsold tickets to their form tutor, in the same  - but now sealed -  envelope, no later than Thursday 23 November.  Tickets returned after that date may not be included in the draw.

If you want more tickets, they are available from Mrs Hillier in the IT support office.   The stubs and money from the sale of these extra tickets, together with any not sold, should be returned to form tutors in the student’s envelope, along with those originally issued.

Cheques should be made payable to:  “The Misbourne PTA”.

Please check that the tickets and money returned tally.

We understand that not all students will be able to sell tickets, but we would ask you to return unsold tickets so that these can be recycled and sold at the FOTM Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday 25 November in Great Missenden’s Memorial Hall.

Form tutors will be recording the returned envelopes so that we can account for any which are outstanding and work out which form group sells the most tickets.

There will be a prize for the form that sells the most tickets:

It’s an inter-house competition to see which house can sell the most tickets.  There will be a prize for the form that sells the most tickets - subject to a minimum number of tickets being sold.

If you need any further information please contact Mrs Hillier: 

Thank you in advance for your help – be lucky.