Date Team Opposition  Venue Result Player of the Match
Weds 20th Sept 10a Chalfonts CC Away won 17-16 Grace Harding
  10b Chalfonts CC Away won 19-9 Lily Campbell
Mon 9th Oct 9a Beaconsfield Home won 28-6 Georgina Garner
  9b Beaconsfield Home won 13-4 Nell Andrews
Weds 11th Oct 11a Chesham Grammar Away lost 9-19 Bethany Watson
Weds 1st Nov 8a Chesham Grammar Away lost 6-9 Amie Shepstone
  8a Beaconsfield Away @ CGS won 9-6 Betty Doran
Sat 4th Nov 9a National Schools' Regional Tournament Kingsmead 5th in group  
Mon 6th Nov 9a Chalfonts CC home won  27-15 Ava MacBean
  9b Chalfonts CC home won 21-9 Nell Andrews
Wed 8th Nov 8b Princes Risborough home lost 3-15 Mia Baker
  7b Princes Risborough home won 14-7 Misha Blaas
Weds 15th Nov 10a Chesham Grammar Away won 9-1 Carla Galvin
  10b Chesham Grammar Away won 17-8 Lily Campbell
Mon 20th Nov 8a Chalfonts CC Away lost 7-11 Amie Shepstone
  8b Chalfonts CC Away lost 3-13 Summer Ludlow
Weds 6th Dec 9a Chesham Grammar Away lost 19-25 Jamie Watt
  9b Chesham Grammar Away lost 7-11 Stella Free
Weds 10th Jan 10a Amersham Home won by default  
  11a Amersham Home won by default  
Weds 17th Jan 7a Amersham Away won 11-8 Georgia Watt
Mon 22nd Jan 7b Chiltern Hills Home lost 4-9 Eva Herrera
  8b Chiltern Hills Home lost 3-8 Xanthe Panayiotou 
  9a Dr Challoner's Away lost 18-27 Jamie Watt
  9b Dr Challoner's Away lost 2-24 Sophie Powell
Mon 5th Feb 10b Burnham Grammar Home drew 9-9 Charlie West
  11a Burnham Grammar Home lost 8-14  Beth Watson
Tues 20th Feb 11a Piper's (Friendly) Home lost 19-20 Eva Howe
Wed 21st Feb 7a Chesham Grammar Away match cancelled  
Weds 7th Mar 9a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead Plate Winners  
  9b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead Quarter finalists  
  10a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead Plate Winners  
  10b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead 5th in Group  
Weds 14th Mar 7a Piper's (Friendly) Away won 12-7 Freya Hill
  7b Piper's (Friendly) Away won 7-2 Ella Crawshaw
  8a Piper's (Friendly) Home lost 4-21 Sophie Goodall
  8b Piper's (Friendly) Home lost 3-18 Xanthe Panayiotou
Thurs 15th Mar 10a Dr Challoner's home    
  10b Dr Challoner's home    
Sat 17 Mar 7a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  7b Tournament Away & Kingsmead    
  8a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  8b Tournament Away @ kingsmead    
Tues 20 Mar 8a Dr Challoner's Home    
Tues 20 Mar 8b Dr Challoner's Home    
Wed 21 Mar 7b Holmer Green Home    
Wed 21 March 11a Tournament Away @ DCGS    
Wed 28 Mar 7a Chalfont cc Home    
  7b Chalfont cc Home    
TBC 7a Dr Challoner's  Home