Date Team Opposition  Venue Result Player of the Match
Weds 20th Sept 10a Chalfonts CC Away    
  10b Chalfonts CC Away    
Mon 25th Sept 9a Chalfonts CC Home    
  9b Chalfonts CC Home    
Mon 2nd Oct 7b Holmer Green Home    
Mon 9th Oct 9a Beaconsfield Home    
  9b Beaconsfield Home    
Weds 11th Oct 11a Chesham Grammar Away    
  11a Chalfonts CC Away @ CGS    
Weds 1st Nov 8a Chesham Grammar Away    
  8a Beaconsfield Away @ CGS    
Mon 13th Nov 7a Chalfonts CC Home    
  7b Chalfonts CC Home    
Weds 15th Nov 10a Chesham Grammar Away    
  10b Chesham Grammar Away    
Mon 20th Nov 8a Chalfonts CC Away    
  8b Chalfonts CC Away    
Tues 21st Nov 7a Dr Challoner's Away    
Weds 29th Nov 7a Chesham Grammar Away    
Mon 4th Dec 8a Dr Challoner's Home    
  8b Dr Challoner's Home    
Weds 6th Dec 9a Chesham Grammar Away    
  9b Chesham Grammar Away    
Mon 11th Dec 10a Dr Challoner's Home    
  10b Dr Challoner's Home    
Weds 10th Jan 10a Amersham Home    
  11a Amersham Home    
Weds 17th Jan 7a Amersham Away    
Mon 22nd Jan 7b Chiltern Hills Home    
  8b Chiltern Hills Home    
Weds 24th Jan 9a Dr Challoner's Away    
  9b Dr Challoner's Away    
Mon 5th Feb 10b Burnham Grammar Home    
  11a Burnham Grammar Home    
Tues 6th Feb  9a Piper's (Friendly) Away    
  9b Piper's (Friendly) Away    
Tues 20th Feb 11a Piper's (Friendly) Home    
Thurs 22nd Feb 10a Piper's (Friendly) Home    
  10b Piper's (Friendly) Home    
Weds 28th Feb 11a Tournament Away @ CGS    
Weds 7th Mar 9a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  9b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  10a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  10b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
Weds 14th Mar 7a Piper's (Friendly) Away    
  7b Piper's (Friendly) Away    
  8a Piper's (Friendly) Home    
  8b Piper's (Friendly) Home    
Sat 17th/24th Mar - TBC  7a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  7b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  8a Tournament Away @ Kingsmead    
  8b Tournament Away @ Kingsmead