School Attendance

The school has a statutory obligation to set annual whole school attendance targets and to assess the effectiveness of the systems in place to monitor attendance. As part of the school’s continuing review of school policies and procedures we have recently reviewed and updated our school attendance and punctuality procedures. It is important that the procedures allow the staff, students, parents/carers and other interested parties to work together to ensure that students attend school on a regular basis and are punctual.
The Misbourne puts great importance on the regular attendance of students in all years and this is recognised through the schools’ “Behaviour for Learning Policy” and excellent student attendance and punctuality is rewarded at the end of each school year.
We have procedures to monitor attendance, punctuality and our communication with you including the introduction of text messaging to parents/carers to ascertain reasons for absence. For your information, the procedures are as follows:
  • All students should be in school by 8.35am, when the school bell will ring to inform students they need to move to their form groups to be registered by 8.40am
  •  Staff on duty at the main entrance of the school each morning will monitor punctuality and record the names of students who arrive after this time without a reasonable explanation. If a student is late to school without a reasonable explanation, Mrs Miller, the School Attendance Officer, will send a letter home asking you to ensure your child arrives at school promptly.
  • When a student arrives late, they will be given a detention the same day to make up the time.  This detention will be set for either break or lunchtime and they will be expected to report to the Attendance Officer. Failure to attend one of these detentions with result in a one hour after school detention.
  • If your child is going to be absent and you know in advance, please write to the school requesting authorisation.  If this is for a medical appointment it would be helpful to copy the appointment card/letter to your child’s Form Tutor.  The school actively discourages parents from taking a student out of school during term time because of its impact on student learning and may make the decision not to authorise a request from a parent/carer.
  •  If your child is absent due to illness please ring the school to confirm the reason for absence on the Absence Line, 01494 867843 (direct line).  The school will record the absence in accordance with current DfE regulations.
  • If you are unable to contact the school on the day of absence it is essential that your child has a written explanation with them on the day they return to school and this is handed directly to their Form Tutor.
  • In order that we keep our attendance records up to date it may be necessary for the Attendance Officer to contact you by text, email or telephone to ascertain the reason for your child’s absence.  You may be invited into school to discuss attendance and/or punctuality with your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year.
We want to work closely with parent/carers and interested parties to maintain the very good attendance that The Misbourne has, and therefore if you have any concerns regarding the attendance or punctuality of your child, please contact their Form Tutor or Head of Year to discuss your concerns.