Home – School Agreement

As a student centred learning community we are determined to raise standards for all. Information and communications technology will be integral to the learning process, within a technological, mathematical, scientific and vocational culture. In active partnership with our community, students will be inspired to develop their skills, confidence and self-esteem.  They will be life-long learners and successful in an ever-changing world.
At The Misbourne we aim to reflect the diversity of our local community and society and ensure that the education we offer recognises, celebrates and values different backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures and identities.  As a school we seek to ensure that we take action to challenge inappropriate behaviour using our existing policies.  We expect our students to treat everyone fairly and equally and report any incidents of discrimination, harassment or victimisation in which they were directly or indirectly involved.
As a student I will be ready to learn, and:
  • Do my best in lessons, carry the correct equipment and ensure that my behaviour helps learning.
  • Attend school every day unless I am ill, and be on time for registration and all lessons. I will wear the full school uniform as outlined by the school and provided by my parents.
  •  Read teachers comments on my reports and in my books, and work hard to achieve targets set.
  • Fill in my planner properly and complete all homework set.
  • Treat all members of the school community with respect.
  • Ensure that parents receive all letters that the school sends out via students.

​As parents we will ensure that our child is ready to learn, and:

  • Support the values of the school
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems which may affect our child’s learning.
  • Ensure that our child goes to school every day on time, in full school uniform and supports the Behaviour for Learning Policy.
  • Encourage our child to address weaknesses and achieve targets set.
  • Check our child’s planner weekly and support our child in completing homework set.
  • Attend Parent Consultation Evenings to discuss our child’s progress.
As a school we will ensure that your child learns, and:
  • Ensure that teaching is of the highest possible standard and encourage students to do their best at all times.
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality, uniform or behaviour.
  • Send home four data reports throughout the year
  • Provide a planner and set and mark homework accordingly and regularly.
  • Arrange parent consultation meetings, during which progress will be discussed and targets set.