Moving up to Secondary School at The Misbourne

We would like to congratulate you on gaining a place for your child at The Misbourne commencing September 2017 and we look forward to working with you and your child in the coming months and beyond to ensure that both their transition and their time at The Misbourne is a happy and successful one.

We will be visiting the students in their primary schools in an effort to begin to get to know them and to help aid their pastoral and academic transition into the school.  During these visits we will speak to your child and help answer any queries or concerns that they may have, as well as speaking to their Year 6 teachers to discover their academic abilities.

Further to these primary school visits, there will be opportunities for students to visit the school and begin to feel part of our school community.  The date of our transition day will be 4 July 2017.

More information regarding this date will follow.

Further to our Student Voice’s aim to help the environment that we live in we have chosen to make our transition procedure an online process. You can access to our transition forms by clicking here.

Please see the links to the left of this page to support you in filling out the above form.