Key Stage 3 - Years 7 - 9

Throughout Year 7, 8 and 9, the students learn topical vocabulary with basic structures and tenses, which is delivered through rich and authentic material such as films, songs, literature and poems. The use of ICT is also of key importance in our department both for research tasks, and for developing grammatical skills through various software that we use.

Our students continuously work on improving listening, reading, speaking and writing skills and are assessed every half term on two language skills (both receptive and productive) 

The teaching and learning of MFL regularly make links to other areas of the School Curriculum such as English, geography, mathematics, food technology and personal development.

The topics that students study per year is as follows:

Year 7:

  • Classroom language, personal information, physical appearance and favourite objects
  • Nationalities and the wider world
  •  Personality, family relationship and school subjects
  •  Food and international cooking projects
  • Local area
  •  Free time (hobbies and what you do in your free time)

Year 8:

  • Lifestyle, clothes and fashion shows
  • Holidays and dream destinations.
  • Sport, leisure and health
  •  aily life and issues in Francophone/ Hispanic countries
  •  nternational festivals and holidays
  • Independent Research Projects

Year 9:

  • Media and the use of films, music and TV
  • Technology and debating the role of social media
  • Issues for young people
  • Healthy living and a balanced diet
  • International traditions and customs
  • Jobs and future dreams