Staff Email List

A full list of Form Tutors  and their contact details can be found in the Parents Section under each Year Group's page.



email address

Attendance  To report student absence from school

Mr R Abrous

Science Teacher   

Mrs J Adair

School Business Manager

Mrs J Aikens

Assistant Curriculum Leader, Science

Mrs S Ali

Curriculum Leader Computing & ICT

Mrs E Allen

Cover Manager

Mrs R Appleyard

Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

Miss A Balchin

English Teacher

Mrs A Barrett

Deputy Headteacher

Contact via Ms J Wheater, the Headteacher's PA:

Miss C Bartington History Teacher

Mr J Baxter

Head of Year 7 and PE Teacher

Ms L Blomfield

MFL Teacher

 Miss A Braithwaite Receptionist and Administration Support
Mr J Burnham Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Burt

Humanities Teacher

Mr R Cameron

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mrs K Cato

Curriculum Leader, Design Technology

Ms R Chaudhry Computer Science and IT Teacher 

Mr S Chiswell

Science Teacher

Mr R Clegg

Curriculum Leader, Applied and Business

Mrs T Clegg

PE Teacher

Mrs B Collins

Cover Supervisor

Ms S Collins

SEND Manager

Mrs K Cook

Key Stage 5 Learning Mentor

Mr L Culverhouse

English Teacher

Mr C Cyrus Student Engagement Worker

Mr J Davidson

Assistant Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Mrs W Devine

Teaching Assistant

Mr P Dunsby

Head of Year 9 and Mathematics Teacher

Mr D Dwight

Head of Sixth Form and Music Teacher

Mr S Egan

Head of Key Stage 5 Mathematics

Mrs J Elliott

Applied/Business Teacher

Mr L Elliott

Science Teacher

Ms A Esland

Curriculum Leader Humanities and Assist Head of Sixth Form

Ms K Farquharson

 Cover Supervisor

Ms E Flitney

Curriculum Leader, PE

Mr R Francis

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs N Frost

Assistant to Business Manager

Mr W Gunstone

Mathematics Teacher

Ms M Guy

Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Mrs E Hague

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Harding

Assistant Headteacher (SENCo and  Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr J Harvey

Exams and Data Manager

Mrs L Harvey Curriculum Leader, Science

Mr J Hawkins

Product Design Teacher 

Mrs H Hill

Business and Economics Teacher and Careers Lead

Miss K Hill

Head of Year 10 and PE Teacher

Mrs C Hillier

Communication Services Officer

Mrs T Hockley

SEND Administrator and SEND Student Support Officer

Mr G Ingram

Music and Drama Teacher

Mr H Jackson

Geography Teacher

Mrs S Jahbeen


Mrs Ms R Jeffery

Curriculum Leader, Performing Arts

Mrs K Kalyan

Curriculum Leader, English

Mrs T Kelly

Science Teacher

Ms K Kennedy Student Engagement Worker

Mr S Khelil

Exams Officer

Miss G Kirkham

Assistant Curriculum Leader English  (in charge of Key Stage 4)

Ms C Krieger

Curriculum Leader, MFL

Mrs S Liebenberg

English Teacher

Ms A Lightfoot

Curriculum Support Key Stage 3 and 4

Miss F Loxley

ACL  Humanities, (History) 
Literacy Co-ordinator and Personal Develompent Co-ordinator

Mrs M Lu

Mathematics Teacher

Mr M Lyons

Assistant Headteacher (Assessment/Data and Intervention)

Mrs S Lyons


Miss J McCarthy

Business Teacher

Mr D McGregor

History Teacher

Mrs D McHale

Art and Photography Teacher

Ms V Mellin

Art, Design and Photography Teacher / Assistant Head of Sixth Form (maternity leave)


Mrs M Nichols

Curriculum Leader Art, Design and Photography

Mrs C Owen

 History Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs L Parslow Finance Assistant

Miss J Perry

Humanities Teacher

Mr D Pollitt

Head of Year 11 and Geography Teacher

Mr R Preston


Contact via

Ms E Ranahan Finance Manager

Mr S Reese 

Mathematics Teacher

Miss C Riddle English Teacher

Mr A Robinson

English Teacher

Miss A Rowbottom

Art Teacher

Miss L Rowe

Applied & Business Teacher

Mrs K Shiels

Art and Technology Technician

Mrs G Smith

Learning Mentor

Ms L Szczerbowska

Family Liaison Officer

Miss T Sudborough

Student Welfare Officer

Mr N Tebb

PE Teacher

Miss N Weber

Mathematics Teacher

M E Weinberg

English Teacher

Ms C Weller

English Teacher

Mr D West

English Teacher

Miss N White Librarian

Mrs P Woodley

Reception, Administration and Curriculum Support Key Stage 5