Staff Email List

A full list of Form Tutors  and their contact details can be found in the Parents Section under each Year Group's page.



email address

Mr R Abrous

Science Teacher   

Mrs J Adair

School Business Manager

Mrs J Aikens

Assistant Curriculum Leader, Science

Mrs S Ali

Curriculum Leader Computing & ICT

Mrs E Allen

Cover Manager

Mrs R Appleyard

Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching & Learning)

Miss A Balchin

English Teacher

Mrs A Barrett

Deputy Headteacher

Contact via Ms J Wheater, the Headteacher's PA:

Miss C Bartington History Teacher

Mr J Baxter

PE Teacher

Ms L Blomfield

MFL Teacher

Mrs R Bugg

Head of Year 8 and Science Teacher

Mrs R Burt

Humanities Teacher

Mr R Cameron

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Miss K Carr PE Teacher

Mrs K Cato

Curriculum Leader, Design Technology

Mr S Chiswell

Science Teacher

Mr R Clegg

Curriculum Leader, Applied and Business

Mrs T Clegg

PE Teacher

Mrs C Collacott

Curriculum Leader, Science

Mrs B Collins

Cover Supervisor

Ms S Collins

SEND Manager

Mrs K Cook

Key Stage 5 Learning Mentor

Mr L Culverhouse

English Teacher

Mr C Cyrus Student Engagement Worker
Mr M Daniel Science Teacher

Mr J Davidson

Assistant Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Mrs W Devine

Teaching Assistant

Mr P Dunsby

Head of Year 9 and Mathematics Teacher

Mr D Dwight

Head of Sixth Form and Music Teacher

Mr S Egan

Head of Key Stage 5 Mathematics

Mrs J Elliott

Applied/Business Teacher

Mr L Elliott

Science Teacher

Ms A Esland

Curriculum Leader Humanities and Assist Head of Sixth Form

Ms K Farquharson

 Cover Supervisor

Mrs A Fines-Allin

Finance Manager

Ms E Flitney

Curriculum Leader, PE

Mr R Francis

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs N Frost

Assistant to Business Manager

Mr W Gunstone

Mathematics Teacher

Ms M Guy

Curriculum Leader, Mathematics

Mrs E Hague

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Harding

Assistant Headteacher (SENCo and  Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr J Harvey

Exams and Data Manager

Mr J Hawkins

Product Design Teacher 

Mrs H Hill

Business and Economics Teacher and Careers Lead

Miss K Hill

Head of Year 10 and PE Teacher

Mrs C Hillier

Communication Services Officer

Mrs T Hockley

Teaching Assistant

Mr G Ingram

Music and Drama Teacher

 Mr N Iyengar

Mathematics Teacher

Mr H Jackson

Geography Teacher

Mrs S Jahbeen


Mrs N Jashari Music Teacher

Mrs Ms R Jeffery

Curriculum Leader, Performing Arts

Mrs G Jones Computing and ICT Teacher

Mrs K Kalyan

Curriculum Leader, English

Mrs T Kelly

Science Teacher

Ms K Kennedy Student Engagement Worker

Mr S Khelil

Exams Officer

Miss G Kirkham

Assistant Curriculum Leader English  (in charge of Key Stage 4)

Ms C Krieger

Curriculum Leader, MFL

Mrs S Liebenberg

English Teacher

Ms A Lightfoot

Curriculum Support Key Stage 3 and 4

Miss F Loxley

ACL  Humanities, (History) 
Literacy Co-ordinator and Personal Develompent Co-ordinator

Mrs M Lu

Mathematics Teacher

Mr M Lyons

Assistant Headteacher (Assessment/Data and Intervention)

Mrs S Lyons


Miss J McCarthy

Business Teacher

Mr D McGregor

History Teacher

Mrs D McHale

Art and Photography Teacher

Ms V Mellin

Art, Design and Photography Teacher / Assistant Head of Sixth Form (maternity leave)


Mrs M Nichols

Curriculum Leader Art, Design and Photography

Mrs C Owen

Head of Year 7 and History Teacher

Miss J Perry

Humanities Teacher

Mr D Pollitt

Head of Year 11 and Geography Teacher

Mr R Preston


Contact via Ms J Wheater, the Headteacher's

Mr S Reese 

Mathematics Teacher

Mr A Robinson

English Teacher

Miss A Rowbottom

Art Teacher

Miss L Rowe

Applied & Business Teacher

Mrs K Shiels

Art and Technology Technician

Mrs G Smith

Learning Mentor

Ms L Szczerbowska

Family Liaison Officer

Miss T Sudborough

Student Welfare Officer

Mr N Tebb

PE Teacher

Miss N Weber

Mathematics Teacher

M E Weinberg

English Teacher

Ms C Weller

English Teacher

Mr D West

English Teacher

Ms J Wheater

Headteacher's PA

Miss N White Librarian

Mrs P Woodley

Reception, Administration and Curriculum Support Key Stage 5