History is offered at The Misbourne across all three Key Stages. It is a very popular subject choice at both GCSE and A Level and our results are consistently very good.  History is an exciting subject that opens our eyes to the world around us and enables us to discover where we have come from and why the world is as it now is.  History enables students to understand the past and the present and value the origins of modern political and social problems . Through studying History, students develop analytical skills, knowing how to ask the right questions and to express their opinions and those of others.  It will also develop their communication, literacy and debating skills.

History opens up your mind and leads to a greater appreciation of those who came before us.  It is time travel through anecdotes, films and words allowing you to create your own judgements and interpretations.


Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Year 7- Norman, Conquest, Middle Ages, Tudors, Stuarts

Year 8 - Empire, Black peoples of the Americas, Industrial Revolution, Victorian crime and punishment, Immigration Nation, Turning Points

Year 9 - Students start covering topics in preparation for the GCSE content:

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

GCSE History (Exam Board: AQA)
Students follow a newly designed history curriculum from the AQA exam board:
  • Germany: 1890-1945 – Democracy and Dictatorship 
  • Conflict and tension in Asia: 1950-1975 
  • Britain: Power and the people 
  • Elizabethan England: 1568-1603 

A Level (Exam Board: OCR)

Students follow the OCR syllabus and study the following topics:

Year 12 - English 1485-1558: the early Tudors and Russia 1894-1941 
Year 13 - Topic based essay: Germany and Civil Rights in the USA: 1865-1992
Curriculum Area Staff
Miss A Esland (Curriculum Leader - Humanities)
Miss J Perry (Assistant Curriculum Leader) 
Mrs C Owen
Mrs A Barrett
Miss F Loxley
Mr H Jackson
Mrs R Burt

 Excursions, Trips and other interesting projects

In November, we run a residential educational visit to World War One Battlefields for our Year 9 students. This provides students with the opportunity to explore what life was like in the trenches, walk along battlefield lines such as the Somme and to commemorate those that lost their lives for their countries. Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students are given the opportunity to visit Berlin and examine what life was like both in Weimar and Nazi Germany.

Homework and Assignments

At Key Stage 3, students are set roughly 30 minutes to an hour of homework per week

At Key Stage 4 (GCSE), students are set roughly one-and-a-half hours per week

At Key Stage 5 (A Level), students are set roughly five hours per week

Past Examination Results

GGCSE Summer 2016 – 10.9% A*-A, 58.7% A*- C

A Level Summer 2016 – 44.4% A*-B, 88.9% A*- C

 Useful Websites and Resources