Applied and Business

The Applied and Business Curriculum Area offers a wide range of courses for students in Key Stage 4 and 5. 

Courses cater for students who prefer to be assessed through coursework or external examinations or a combination of the two.  

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) /GCSE/GCSE Equivalent

At Key Stage 4 we offer a range of GCSE / Level 2 subjects including Business Studies; Cambridge National Business and Enterprise, Leisure and Tourism and Health & Social Care. 
GCSE Business Studies is aimed at those students who prefer to be assessed through external examinations, whilst Cambridge National Business and Enterprise offers a combination of both exam based units and project-based work.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13) /A Level/A Level Equivalent

At Key Stage 5 there is a range of GCE courses on offer including; Business and Economics.  The Curriculum Area also offers Cambridge Technical Level 3 Business and Cambridge Technical Level 3 Health & Social care (both of these courses are equivalent to one A level).
The subjects within the Applied and Business curriculum area offer students the opportunity for independent research and to develop skills which are much sought after by employers.
‘The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something.  It’s as simple as that.   A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  But today.  The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer’. – Nolan Bushnell (American Engineer & Entrepreneur)


GCSE/GCSE Equivalent  

Business Studies (Exam board: EDEXCEL)
  • Introduction to small business (examination – 25%)
  • Investigating small business (controlled assessment – 25%)
  • Building a business (examination – 50%)
Cambridge National Business (Exam board: OCR)
Modules covered:
  • Introduction to Business (exam – 25%)
  • Planning for work (coursework – 25%)
  • Setting up and running an enterprise (coursework – 50%)
Health and Social Care
  • Understanding Personal Development and Relationships
  • Explore Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision
Leisure and Tourism
  • The Leisure and Tourism Industry
  • Sales, Promotion and Operations in Leisure and Tourism

A Level A Level Equivalent

Business (Exam board: EDEXCEL)
Modules covered:
  • Marketing and people
  • Managing business activities
  • Business decisions and strategy
  • Global business
Economics (Exam board: EDEXCEL)
  • Introduction to markets and market failure
  • The UK economy
  • Business behaviour and the labour market
  • A global perspective
Cambridge Technical Business (Exam board: EDXCEL)
  • The business environment [Exam] 
  • Working in Business [Exam]
  • Customers and communication [Coursework] 
  • Marketing and market research [Coursework]
  • Business events [Coursework]
Cambridge Technical Health and Social Care (Exam board: EDEXCEL)
  • Anatomy and Physiology [Coursework]
  • Equality, Diversity and Rights [Exam]
  • Health, Safety and Security [Exam]
  • Building positive relationships [Exam]
  • 2 x optional units [TBC]

Department Staff

Mr Clegg (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs Hill

Mrs Elliott

Miss McCarthy

Miss Rowe

Excursions, Trips and other interesting projects

Key Stage 4

September – Thorpe Park (Year 10 Leisure and Tourism)

October – Woburn (Year 10 Leisure and Tourism)

October – Coca Cola (Year 10 Applied Business)

April – Legoland (Year 11 Leisure and Tourism)

March – SNOzone (Year 11 Leisure andTourism)

Key Stage 5

September – Thorpe Park (Year 12 Travel and Tourism)

February – BMW Mini Oxford (Year 12 Business Studies)

February – The Travel Show Olympia Earls Court – (Year 13 Travel & Tourism)

March – Great Missenden School – (Year 12 Health & Social Care)

Homework and Assignments

Key Stage 4 – Homework is set weekly and students are expected to undertake a minimum of one hour per week.

Key Stage 5 – Homework is set weekly and students are expected to undertake a minimum of four hours per week.

Past Examination Results

A2 Business Studies 2016

  • 77.8% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
A2 Applied Business 2016
  • 80% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
BTEC Business Level 3 2016
  • 83.3% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
A2 Health and Social Care 2016
  • 20% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
A2 Travel and Tourism 2016
  • 88.9% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
GCSE Business Studies 2016
  • 78.6% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
GCSE Health and Social Care 2016
  • 37.5% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
GCSE Leisure and Tourism 2016
  • 62.3% A* - C
  • 100% pass rate
BTEC Business [Level 2] 2016
  • 97.1 % A* - C
OCR Certificate in Employability Skills [Level 2] 2016
  • 100% A* - C

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